Plug-AI: A Deep Learning Tool for Medical Applications

Introducing Plug-AI:

Plug-AI is a tool developed with the goal of easing the application of deep learning techniques within the medical field. To achieve this, Plug-AI offers two distinct functionalities that cater to different user needs.

Deep Learning Pipeline Application

The first functionality is an application that allows users to define a deep learning pipeline using a configuration file. This file enables users to choose and customize various components, such as data sources, models, optimizers, loss functions, hyperparameters, and learning rate schedulers. The aim is to simplify the process of setting up a deep learning pipeline, allowing users to focus on their specific goals.

Code Library for Development

The second functionality of Plug-AI is a library that provides a set of functions designed to support the development of new deep learning approaches. By offering reusable code blocks, this library aims to save time and effort for developers who are working on novel solutions in the medical domain.


In summary, Plug-AI strives to be a helpful tool in the application of deep learning technologies within the medical field, offering both a pipeline application and a code library to cater to various user requirements.

Usefull ressources

Website and documentation:

Source Code is licensed under CeCILL-B.


The library has been tested on Linux. It requires a GPU for MONAI usage.

To install Plug-AI, please follow theses detailed instructions.

Examples and Notebooks

In the documentation, you will find examples and use cases.

Contributions and code of conduct

Every contribution is welcome. Each member of the project is expected to follow the code of conduct.


You can ask questions and join the development discussion using GitHub Issues and Pull Requests functionnalities.

You can also post bug reports and feature requests in Github issues.


Using and citing Plug-AI

If you use Plug-AI in your research and find it useful, please cite us using the link to our documentation

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